The charms of Vendée are yours to discover during your holidays

Located in the Loire country, the beaches of Vendée are stunning and stretch for miles on end. The best and most renowned are the Sables d'Olonne.

Our holiday residence in Olonne-sur-Mer will charm nature lovers who will enjoy the fine sand beaches and forests as well as the marinas. Golf fans will love the many golf courses available in the area. The Talmont Saint Hilaire residence draws you into a world between land and sea on the Vendée coast.
Vendée is packed full of perfect summer holiday locations, but can also be ideal for a winter visit.

A trip to Vendéeis a fantastic opportunity to enjoy other sites, such as the famous Puy du Fou park, the stunning nature at the Marais Poitevin, the area's rich past, cities packed full of personality and historic towns.

For your holiday in Vendée, go for rented accommodation

Vendée has been thought out for ease of access for tourists and visitors while retaining its authentic flavour. Its regions have kept a simple, down-to-earth character and are home to great variety and sites of interest.
Because of this, staying in a holiday residence here is ideal. By renting a holiday apartment in Vendée, holiday-makers can enjoy a base in which to feel at home during their family holiday in the Loire country.

Holiday rentals in Vendée: Néméa's offer

Néméa residences are a great option when renting an apartment in Vendée. Designed to let you compare multiple holiday deals in mere minutes, the Néméa site allows you to book your holidays in Vendée with ease and speed.