Book a relaxing weekend in France

Weekends are just the ticket to enjoying moments of total relaxation and peace. But you still need to put in some proper planning to set off with peace of mind. Néméa residences offer fantastic choice when it comes to weekend rentals as well as short stays.

Find your perfect personalised relaxing break

A relaxing getaway can be a short trip or a longer break spread out over a few weeks. Thanks to Néméa's residences, you can enjoy a variety of different weekend rental offers to suit all of your holiday fantasies, whether romantic getaways or family trips of two to three days.
A seaside holiday rental is perfect for a short stay, allowing you to explore colourful countryside and peaceful settings for moments of sheer bliss.[/br]

A family holiday home for a weekend

Renting a holiday apartment lets you taste total freedom, with no set times or schedules to stick to. You might like to pack your schedule full of fun day trips and walks through stunning countryside in breath-taking surroundings for your relaxing weekend away, or you may simply want rest and the opportunity to doze off for hours on end.
Relax in beautiful surroundings or spend quality time with your family and partner in a rental house or apartment that gives you the opportunity to enjoy fun moments in a comfortable environment.[/br]

Simple booking processes suited to all individual tastes

Whether you need a short weekend break or a longer holiday away, Néméa residences boast a selection of different holiday rental offers to suit all tastes and preferences. Get away with peace of mind by booking a stay at a Néméa residence.