Spend your holidays in France, the world's top tourist destination

France is home to the world's largest number of tourists every year - and with good reason. From its climate and history to its monuments, landscapes and cuisine, France is a country jam-packed with delights, ranging from high-end luxury to simple rustic charms. Tourism in France is a continuous flow from summer to winter.

Book your summer holidays in France

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean, France is known for its stunning beaches, but also offers a variety of different settings in which to enjoyunforgettable summer holidays in the mountains, in the countryside or in its many towns and cities. Whatever your preferences, there's a Néméa holiday residence to suit you in France.

Choose from Brittany, the Atlantic coast, the Côte d'Azur, the Alps or the Pyrenees for summer holidays in the mountains. Wherever you choose, a trip to France is always a relaxing experience, whether in a holiday home, rented apartment or camp-site.

A wide selection of winter holiday destinations in France

Most winter holidays in France are spent in the country's different ski resorts. France is packed full of ski resorts such as the Arc 1600 area or Cauterets in the Pyrenees, both of which are renowned. But there are other destinations that are highly sought-after come winter. France is awash with magnificent landscapes, especially in winter.

If you want to get a holiday rental in time for your trip, you need to book early. Holiday bookings with Néméa are quick and easy.