Stays in Languedoc Roussillon: sea, mountains or local heritage

From the Western Pyrenees to the untouched natural surroundings of Lozère, the landscapes and tourist attractions on offer here are very varied. Languedoc-Roussillon spreads over 5 départements, connected either by the Golfe du Lion or the rich natural environment of the South.
Marinas and unspoilt countryside abound, ensuring spectacular holidays year after year. Moving towards Spain and Andorra, the Pyrenees are also a fantastic choice for the winter season.

Holiday rentals for the best experience possible

The Western Pyrenees, the Gard and the Aude are packed full of charming apartments and holiday chalets nestled deep in the natural wilderness and in the southern regions. Peace, quiet and privacy are guaranteed with an apartment rental in Languedoc Roussillon.
Down by the seaside, the independence and freedom that come with a holiday residence are also much appreciated by visitors. And finally, what more pleasurable than to come back to a home away from home after a long day spent skiing down the slopes of the Western Pyrenees? Holidays in Languedoc Roussillon are quite clearly designed for everyone.

Néméa, for holidays in Languedoc summer through winter

Néméa offers holiday destinations to suit the entire family. Nothing could be easier than booking a holiday in Languedoc Roussillon depending on your specific preferences, with holiday rentals available by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in the city.

Specify your preferred holiday destination, filter your results by selecting Languedoc-Roussillon and compare the various potential options. All you need to do then is book your holidays in the South-East of France.