Book your summer holiday in the Mediterranean

The wonderful, soothing experience of a holiday in the Mediterranean, with endless days taken up by dips in the sea, long languid tanning sessions and day trips under the balmy rays of the sun. For the sun worshippers among you, there is no better option than a holiday in the Mediterranean.
The Côte d'Azur from Menton to Cassis, and further afield down to Perpignan. Beautiful, endless days of sunshine throughout the season. The art of doing nothing, total relaxation and leisure activities are at the heart of holidays in the Mediterranean.

Residences for your stay in the South of France

If you're holidaying as a family, priority should be given to renting a holiday apartment in the Mediterranean, or even a holiday villa. This ensures you enjoy maximum freedom, particularly with respect to children feeling free to play. It's an ideal choice for having everything you need to hand, thus allowing you to concentrate on spending quality time with your family.
Less restrictions, less tiredness, and more fun, such as a swimming pool in the middle of your residence and the icing on the cake: the nearby seaside, which is generally located mere seconds away.

When to holiday in the Mediterranean

Those who can't get enough of the sea, sun and surf should book holidays in the Alpes Maritimes or choose accommodation in the Var, preferably in high season, meaning during the summer holidays, when the region is feeling festive.
Visitors who prefer walks, day trips and sightseeing should opt for the winter holidays, which is when most major events take place on the Côte d'Azur, such as the Carnavalor Festival de Cannes.