Book and organise your group holidays

Still haven't decided where to go and what to do for your next holiday? Looking to go away as a group? Do it with Néméa!

Why choose a group holiday?

Going away in a group is always a memorable experience. It can be a fantastic experience to get away surrounded by the people you love.
Renting a holiday residence in a group is a seriously tempting option. But there are other reasons why group bookings are popular, namely because rates are so much lower. Prices in large holiday residences are often much lower when booked as a group.[/br]

Where to go on a group holiday?

A group holiday rental can be booked throughout France. A huge range of destinations are on offer, whether for summer holidays in residences by the sea or for stays in the mountains.
A group holiday requires accommodation big enough to host large parties. There are many different solutions for big groups. You might prefer a villa, a large holiday residence,a chalet for winter sports or an apartment with several bedrooms.[/br]

Booking a holiday rental for 8 guests or more with Néméa!

Whatever your preferred accommodation, enjoy Néméa's expertise. French specialist in holiday accommodation of all types. Among the different types of holidays available, you might like to opt for group trips offering quality services and fantastic rates.