Book your holiday in Saint Malo

Brittany is known for its unique past, its open-mindedness and independent spirit, its maritime setting and rocky coastline. The craggy peninsula combines history, nature and local specialities. Holidays in Saint Malo begin with a full discovery of the city's past. Fortifications measuring 1700 metres long stretch around the citadel and are dotted with representative gateways.

A holiday in Saint Malo means engaging with the city's luxurious natural environment. Basking on the unspoilt beaches and hiking around the Emerald Coast, as well as exploring the city's must-see parks and gardens.

While the presence of the sea serves as an inspiring backdrop for a summer stay, Saint-Malo is just as pleasant come winter. As well as the diversity mentioned above, visitors can indulge in local specialities such as craquelins, salted caramel, Saint-Malo yoghurt, gavottes, regional beers and buckwheat pancakes - the perfect bite to recoup after a long walk in the countryside.

Holiday rentals

Saint-Malo is about getting back to nature as a family, sitting around the table and swapping stories while sharing plates of local specialities. Renting a holiday residence in Saint Malo is the best choice when visiting as a family. Feeling at home in a place ensures you'll be able to make the most of the simple pleasures Saint-Malo has to offer.

How to book a holiday in Saint-Malo

Néméa's holiday residences are the easiest, most practical solution. Booking a holiday in Saint-Malo is quick and easy with just a few clicks required.