Enjoy a stay at the seaside with Néméa

Thanks to the range of Néméas residence rentals, visitors can enjoy a summer season spent by the sea.
Whether you're looking to relax as a family or enjoy a trip to the seaside as a couple or group of friends, Néméa's apartments let you enjoy all the advantages and attractions of the seaside.[/br]

Rent a holiday apartment by the sea

Néméa's rental apartments let you directly book a seaside holiday apartment to enjoy the total freedom of renting accommodation. Renting holiday residences by the sea means complete independence for a hassle-free stay where you set the rules. Renting a seaside residence: the best way of feeling at home whilst abroad!

Book your holiday by the sea thanks to Néméa's rental apartments

To enjoy a seaside holiday with total peace of mind, we recommend booking a seaside apartment or residence. Make sure you enjoy a relaxing summer stay, whether you're looking for peace, quiet and rest or the opportunity to explore unknown regions and engage in local festivities by booking and renting by the sea for guaranteed stress-free holidays.