Special offers on summer holiday apartment rentals

The perfect holiday without breaking the bank? Thanks to Néméa residence special holiday offers, the dream is now a real possibility. Renting a budget holiday apartment is quick, easy and stress-free whatever your budget thanks to Néméa's exclusive offers. Reduced rental rates for your holiday residence mean you can pack your bags and set off with peace of mind and zero hassle.

Cheaper summer holidays in a selection of locations

Because summer is the most glorious season of the year and the perfect time to relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones, we offer affordable summer holidays in our residences.
Located in picturesque spots that are fully equipped for maximum comfort, our summer holiday apartments will win you over with their charm and warm authenticity. Néméa has a residence to suit you, whether you're holidaying as a couple, with your family, or among friends.

Seaside holiday offers

What better way to spend the summer than by the sea, lazing on the beach and honing your tan... It's what we spend all year looking forward to.
For your seaside stay, far away from the noise and stress of everyday life, Néméa brings you a selection of offers on seaside holidays. Spend your time between relaxing and enjoying an array of activities during your stay in one of our summer holiday residences - the perfect solution for young and old alike.
Make your holiday an unforgettable experience in a delightful residence, brought to you by Néméa. Our holiday deals are available today and all year-round - make the most of it!