Book a rental for the summer holidays in France

Fancy spending the summer holidays in France? Whether by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains, Néméa brings you a wide choice of destinations in France's most breath-taking regions.
Summer holidays are a big event in France. Visitors spend a lot of time wondering where they should go for their summer holidays in France. Néméa brings you a range of solutions for choosing a holiday rental in the summer season, from seaside stays to mountain getaways.

Seaside holiday rentals in the summer

Summer holidays in France often mean a trip to the seaside! As more and more French people find themselves crammed into towns and cities, the seaside is often the perfect way to relax, unwind, and see something different. The sea, sun and surf are symbols of freedom and bliss. But how do you go about choosing the best seaside holiday for you? It is essential to book your summer seaside holiday.
Book summer holidays with Néméa! We bring you summer holiday apartment rentals for a fantastic stay in the summer season.

Summer holiday rentals in the mountains

Make the most of the summer to enjoy a stay in the mountains from the Alps to the Pyrenees.
The sweeping vistas and crisp mountain air are just the thing for leaving the stress of daily life behind you. Hikes through breath-taking landscapes and fresh water activities are perfect for enjoying fun, action-packed mountain holidays as a family or among friends. Néméa is your guide for mountain summer holidays across France.

Opt for summer holidays in the countryside

As well as stays by the sea or in the mountains, Néméa also offers visitors a range of destinations for holidays in the countryside. Néméa residences in Provence are off the beaten track, providing you with a taste of local heritage and cuisine during your holidays in the countryside.