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Looking for a summer holiday rental? Nemea offers a wide selection of tourist residences in France. Whether you prefer an apartment, a house, a villa or a mobile home, you can choose what suits you best, by the sea or in the mountains.

Special offers for your holidays by the sea

Corsica, Brittany, Provence… Our low-priced rentals are situated in beautiful places nearby the beach, where you will enjoy fabulous sea views. Their location has been carefully chosen in renowned seaside resorts.

Affordable summer holidays in the mountains

Fancy a low-priced apartment in a mountain village for your stay? Going to the mountains during summer is very pleasant: it is the opportunity to visit wonderful spots and enjoy breathtaking views with your friends or family. Thanks to their ideal location, our tourist residences represent a great starting point to go hiking.

Why not going to Spain?

Nemea also offers open air rentals in Spain: you can choose for example a mobile home in a five-stars campsite with swimming pool.

Nemea’s commitments

Nemea’s ambition is to welcome you in human-sized rentals with high quality services, so that you can spend homelike and friendly holidays.