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Summer holidays offers in the countryside with Nemea

Exclusive offers

Languedoc-Roussillon - Sauve

Residence Les Portes des Cévennes

from €215
for 1 semaine
From 09/05/2020 to 12/09/2020
Exclusive offers

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Malaucène

Residence Les Mazets du Ventoux

from €235
for 1 semaine
From 19/09/2020 to 26/09/2020
Special offers -35%

Midi-Pyrénées - Monclar-de-Quercy

Residence Les Hameaux des Lacs

from €245 €159.25
for 1 semaine
From 03/10/2020 to 17/03/2020
Exclusive offers

Centre - Azay-Le-Rideau

Residence Les Jardins Renaissance

from €365
for 1 semaine
From 06/06/2020 to 13/06/2020

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Discover about Nemea

You love nature? Green tourism? If this is your case, make the choice of the campaign for your next vacation. Between typical villages, local products and nature excursions, you expect to satisfy the desires of the whole family, from small to large. Nemea offers holiday locations in the countryside in the four corners of France, with its own strengths. Their common point: the sweetness of life!

The charm of a holiday in the countryside with Nemea

Going on a holiday in the country, is to place his stay under the sign of tranquility and healing. But holidays in the country does not mean idleness. By choosing a holiday rental in the countryside, you will have the opportunity to (re) discover enchanting natural sites, to take paths of new flavors, or to wander in cities steeped in history.

Take advantage of this special moment to maintain your shape and reconnect with outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding or fishing: joining the useful to the pleasant, you can both aerate the body and the spirit!

Which holiday rental in the countryside for you?

In the constant effort to reconcile cachet and wide range of activities, Nemea holiday residence in the countryside welcome you to regions that have preserved their authenticity, while being located near colorful sites. From north to south and from east to west, they are an excellent starting point to visit the castles of the Loire, the vineyards of Alsace and the Grotte de Lascaux. And because a stay in the countryside is peaceful, they benefit from a relaxing environment.

Do not wait to go green!