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The mountain ... Often, we first think of skiing and many snow sports that this destination offers in winter. Yet, there are many hobbies and activities that can be enjoyed on mountain holidays in summer. For you to fully enjoy the summer charms of the mountains, Nemea offers a wide selection of holiday rentals in the Pyrenees and the Alps.

Long live summer holidays in the mountains with Nemea

If, for you, the holidays are synonymous with pure and natural air, the mountain summer is made for you! Highly prized in winter, the mountains are indeed happy surprises in the summer, starting with resorts generally less crowded than their counterparts seaside, hence less stress in perspective. Better they not only offer a wide range of outdoor activities, but they allow, according to the location and altitude, to enjoy the pleasures of winter sports in the heart of summer. To get a taste, discover now our holiday rentals in the Alps and the Pyrenees; they will make your mouth water.

What to do in summer holidays in the mountains?

Enjoy your holiday rental in the mountains to explore the surroundings: breathtaking panoramas, hiking in the heart of pastures and water sports! From 7 to 77 years and beyond, in the Pyrenees and in the Alps, you will alternate with happiness, fun outings and relaxation, recreation with family and friends, snack breaks and welfare activities. At once invigorating and captivating, mountain resorts impress with the diversity of their landscapes, the quality of their accommodations and the modernity of their facilities. For your next holiday, take a little height!