Works Council

Did you know that your works council can help you make big savings on your holiday bookings?

Don't wait any longer - talk to your works council representative today.

For almost fifteen years, Néméa has been working closely with your works councils in order to put together collaborative contracts adapted to their specific needs.

Partnership Contracts

The "on demand" contract

No cost to the works council..
No time wasted following up on reservations.

Thanks to a PARTNER CODE, employees can make their reservations directly through Néméa.
Discounts range from 8% to 40% and are valid throughout the year, even during school holidays (July and August included).
Employees receive free and unlimited access to residence facilities (sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor heated pools...)


At no cost to the works council, Néméa makes available a certain number of accommodation rentals in one or more of its destinations, with a discount of 12%.
On a pre-arranged date, the works council sends the list of confirmed reservations to Néméa, who then take back any unclaimed rentals at no charge. From this point on, the works council may continue to make "on demand" reservations as and when they are requested.

Fixed Figures

Bigger discounts, up to 20%!
The works council chooses to commit to a certain number of accommodation rentals, for a minimum of 12 weeks total at one or more destinations.

Under the terms of these partnership programs you can:

  • Pay for your reservation using holiday vouchers
  • Choose from a large selection of destinations and accommodation packages within medium-sized locations
  • Help to keep employees' holiday budgets down: free and unlimited access to residence facilities (indoor and outdoor heated pools, sauna, fitness rooms...)...
  • Go away at any time of the year: week-long trips, short stays, or weekends

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