About the company Nemea

An independent group in full growth

France, a tourism centre with 90 million visitors a year (11% of world tourism) is a key destination in Europe.

It is in this privileged space that THE NEMEA GROUP has ensured its constant and strong growth since its creation in 1994.

The group has strong financial autonomy with 67% of our capital held by our director. To support our growth, Nemea Group has strengthened its partnership with several banks by bringing on board Grand Sud-Ouest Capital (GSO Capital), Crédit Agricole Aquitaine Expansion (C2AE), BNP Paribas Développement and Ouest Croissance (Groupe Banque Populaire).

Expertise in resident services

Over almost 30 years, Nemea Group has developed a portfolio of 95 residences, making us one of the top residence services companies in France today. Tpday, the Nemea brand is structured around 5 models:

Nemea is constantly on the lookout for new projects, and today we're turning towards innovative concepts: hostels, mixed residences that combine student and hotel accommodation within the same structure, sheltered accommodation for older people, co-living etc. This is all part of our diversification strategy.

The NEMEA group's partners

Our real estate development partners

By participating in the choice of residences' sites and the rational design of spaces, the NEMEA group works in partnership with the main national real estate developers, such as: Eiffage immobilier, Akerys Promotion, Bouwfonds-Marignan, Kaufman & Broad, Adim, Groupe PIC, Groupe Réalité, Vinci Immobilier, Bouygues, DPMG, Gotham, Edifico... and a multitude of local real estate developers recognised for the quality of their projects and the care they take in their realisations.