Holiday deals in Néméa residences

Finding the very best holiday deals in Néméa residences is incredibly simple. Our holiday residences are scattered all around France, and the Néméa group regularly offers fantastic holiday deals all year-round. Whether you're looking for seaside holidays or holidays in the mountains, Néméa has an affordable holiday residence to suit you.

Enjoy the snow with ski trip holiday deals

Enjoy downhill or cross-country skiing or try your hand at slipping on some snow shoes in ski resorts in the Alps or Pyrenees - and all at incredible prices thanks to all-inclusive ski trip holidays put together by Néméa residences. Ski from morning to night and take in some awe-inspiring views from snow-capped mountains tops before heading back to your low-cost holiday rental in a traditional wooden chalet - just one of the many great holiday deals brought to you by the Néméa group.

Enjoy the sea, surf and sand with seaside holiday deals

Take a dip in the sea and doze off on golden sandy beaches on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coast - a favourite seaside holiday deal offered in the Néméa group's residences. From Brittany to the Landes, from Provence to the Golfe du Lion, a holiday apartment rental with Néméa brings you unrivalled comfort and exceptional service, time after time.