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Breton holidays in Plougonvelin

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Discovering Brittany

A partir de €200 pour un séjour d'une semaine à la résidence Bertheaume du 06/11 au 13/11.

Would you like to discover Brittany and, more specifically, Finistère on your next holiday? Do you really want to book a seaside holiday apartment? Nemea can offer a holiday residence in Plougonvelin. In the heart of the Trez Hir cove, this charming seaside town is an ideal destination.

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Plougonvelin Bretagne

Residence Bertheaume

Avis de nos clients (1473)
At the very edge of the Iroise Sea, the town of Plougonvelin holds firmly on to its Breton identity with its fine sandy beaches, jagged coastline, and islands that measure just a few nautical miles in width. Tucked away in the cove of Trez Hir, you find yourself immersed in an ocean of delights.
indoor-heated-pool Indoor heated pool
sauna Sauna
access-to-the-beach Access to the beach
wifi-access Wifi access
lift Lift
Séjour à partir de
Location du 06/11/21 13/11/21
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The charm of Brittany, with Plougonvelin

A strong Breton identity

You will discover all the subtleties of the Breton identity during a vacation rental in Finistère by the sea. In Plougonvelin, you will enjoy visiting Pointe Saint Mathieu and Fort Bertheaume. And because the coast is as majestic in high as in low season, Nemea simply must recommend a winter holiday in Brittany.

An ideal holiday residence for a family trip

The Nemea holiday residence with swimming pool offers a breathtaking view of the sea. With its fully-equipped accommodation, a sauna, gym and indoor swimming pool, holiday rental in Plougonvelin promises a fun time with family or friends.